Currently I am building up this website, the intention is to have the major components (i.e. the videopages, the pagefinder and some documentation articles ready for launch). The thumbnail will become clickable as soon as the corresponding video has been uploaded. The page for the first video is already available now, it can be found here:

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The Twinjets of the Douglas Aircraft Company were among the first jet airliner designs in the 1960s and some models still remain in service today. The type proved to be very versatile and was well suited to the role. It was iconic to the skies of the last century and the backbone of many European and American carriers. Many aircraft were used for half a century even in major fleets. This video thematizes the design of the first generation and the choices made when upgrading to subsequent generations. The performance is discussed, as is the operation of the aircraft, drawing conclusions on how this type managed such a long service career.

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The Idea behind the Website

As there are already a lot of dedicated channels discussing many in brief, I instead would like to discuss things in more detail. At the moment the channel is mostly focused on civil aviation, and while I will try to delve into very technical topics, I intend to make those videos accesible to everyone interested in the topic. This website is designed to complement the videos by providing additional information that did not make it into the final video, such as detailed sources or data. I originally intended to pack this information into the description of the video, however I found that the capabilities are very limited and structuring large amounts of content was complicated.

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Further Introduction

Currently I mainly intend to accomplish two things with each video

Explain the Function:
-In order to understand everything I believe understanding the function is of paramount importance. I further strive to give explanations that are both technically sound and factually correct.

Explain the Reasons:
-In many cases decisions taken might not seem sensible at first. In order to explain properly I will try to give the necessary context and add potential other choices that could have been made.

As I will probably end up explaining a lot of details and some background the videos will be reasonably long, perhaps even a bit too long. In order to remedy this I currently see two main options, being to either offer different cuts that go into more detail or splitting the videos up into different thematic parts. I believe the second options to suit the channel idea better, I will try to implement this segmentation in the next video project.

You may notice that I have included the sources in this section of the video-pages. I oriented myself on scientific citation techniques, more precisely APA as this is widely used in engineering. This unfortunately leads to the section becoming very full with text which hurts readability. I currently intend to fix this by making the website more interactive allowing to open and close specific elements.

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Do note, that I am not particularly versed in designing websites by myself. I will try to implement new features down the line and some things currently might not work completely on the mobile website.
Oh, and I'd love to hear your feedback!