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As probably should be clear by now, this channel is mostly focused on civil aviation. Furthermore the workload on making a singular video is already reasonably high. As such I can spend some time detailing the work process while only incurring a relatively minor time penalty. This page is dedicated to collecting video topics, and will be updated with a status on each project. I probably will use this site only for tracking major videos, minor may be added if a topical overlap is present. If a video should be redacted (Page on reasons to be created), notice will be given out here as well.

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Currently work is underway on a video detailing the civil Douglas Twinjets from the DC-9 through the B717. Generally speaking, I intend to make the videos very detailed at the cost of a low video quantity. This unfortunately disqualifies some of the following topics. This is typically because of a lack of accessible documentation, either because (typical on very modern, old or sparsely used aircraft) documentation is hard to find, or (especially for aircraft produced in countries where English is not a major language) because of a language barrier. Further note, that the list is very narrow right now, and the topics may be much wider. The topic selection process is outlined in this page (page currently not created). Once ways to contact me have been set up, you may even send in ideas.

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The Douglas Twinjet Airliner Family

A Beginning and an End

1 Minor Video on topic (Teaser Trailer/Technical Demonstrator)

1 (planned) Major Videos on topic (One large video detailing everything)

The DC-9 was so successful, it made not only most competitors go out of business, it even did the same for its own nanufacturer. A great aircraft, and in its historical legacy ideally suited for my work here. Documentation is readily available, there are not many secrets left to keep and a lot of data is publicly available.

Dassault Mercure

The Specialist

The Dassault Mercure was intended for work as a large regional jet. Both technicall and operationally the aircraft was well ahead of its time, unfortunately this meant that the actual amount of units was very low. Given that much of the documentation is in French, research is a bit complicated. Compared to the Douglas Twinjets this should be a relatively simple project.

Airbus A300

Going Head-On

The Airbus A300 was the first amongst the series of Airbus aircraft. While the A300 (and the A310) ultimately did not prove very fruitful, it showed the potential for a joint european aviation project. While this aircraft did not change the industry with its technology, it left a long lasting legacy on todays manufacturer landscape.

Boeing 747

The Queen

As one of the most iconic airliners ever built, the 747 is of course a great addition to the lineup. Some of the historical documents seem to be rather strongly biased, beyond that the situation is very good.

Airbus A380

The King

The largest passenger aircraft so far, and given the current situation perhaps ever. Documentation is readily available, and unfortunately given the partial end of service many relevant datasets will be usable.

Antonov 225 - Mriya

The Dream

Among the largest aircraft ever, these aircraft lacked quantity but still all tell interesting stories. The name played a part in the channel designation, and as such it is clear that there will be a video on it, eventually. Most of the documentation is in Russian, and not much of it is publicly available. This may be a good choice for a special occasion.

BAe 146 / Avro RJ

The Antithesis

One of the most unique regional jets, and coincidentally the most successful British jet airliner. Documentation seems a bit scarce, but the topic is certainly promising.

Fokker F.28/70/100

The Flying Dutchman

Upon introduction the Fokker did not differ much from aircraft like the DC-9 or 737, however the ultimate development path taken proved to be very different to those.

Tupolev 204/214



Douglas DC-8



Airbus A340



Ilyushin IL-62



Boeing 767



Sud-Aviation Caravelle



Tupolev 144






Douglas DC-3



Embraer E-Jets



Bombardier C-Series / Airbus A220



Douglas DC-10



McDonnell Douglas MD-11



Lockheed L1011 - Tristar



Ilyushin IL-86/96



Tupolev Tu-154



Boeing 737



Airbus A320



de Havilland/Hawker Siddeley 121 - Trident



Vickers VC-10



Boeing 777



Boeing 787 - Dreamliner



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The individual parts of the simulator data are complicated, if you are interested in the origin of something specific let me know and I will see if I can find out.

Temperatures are in °C

"I built mailplanes because I couldn't sell people the dream I had from the beginning - large commercial transports. I knew the day was coming when everybody would want to travel by air, but I had to wait."

Donald Wills Douglas

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